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The Advantages of Using Sod Lawn Compared to Using the Seeding Lawn

A carefully planted and taken care of the lawn is a good-looking decoration at home that makes it irresistible to want to spend more time there. There are different types of lawns where you can decide to plant seedlings or get a sod to install and both come with different advantages and disadvantages of their own. From the information you have, a sod lawn may seem like the best choice, but you are not yet sure about your choice, so find out more about the benefits sod lawn has over the seeding lawn type from the article below.

The sod lawn has instant results, and you can fully use it in less than a month after installing. Unlike planting seedlings on your lawn, when you use the sod lawn you do not have to wait for the grass to grow and it gives you almost instant results.

Installing a sod lawn requires less labor compared to planting and taking care of a seeding lawn. For a sod lawn you will only be required to water for a few weeks, and they are ready compared to a seeding lawn that will require water for more than two years for the grass to grow well.

The sod lawn has no weeds; therefore, you will not worry about investing in the control of them. When you install a sod lawn, you get a weeds free lawn that looks beautiful, and your grasses will grow healthily because they do not face any obstacles of dealing with weeds.

The seeding lawn will cost you more at the end if you calculate, so the sod lawn becomes a budget conscious choice for you. For the seeding lawn, you will have to take care of the weeds and the reseeding of the dried patches, so it becomes more expensive than the sod lawn at the end.

The sod lawn helps you control dust and soil erosion if you are facing these problems much faster because it is easily installed and you have your lawn ready within a day.

Sod lawns are the best for those who do not want to wait for the seedling planting season because they can thrive through any season as long as there is water available for them throughout.

With the sod lawn, the outcome is a dense pack of grasses that look beautiful, unlike a seeding lawn that you have to reseed every time to replace the grasses that dried leaving patches that are not attractive.

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