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How to Find A Good Bible Based Church

There are so many churches and denominations that are available these days. You will also find that these churches are teaching different types of doctrines. It is therefore not easy to find a Bible-believing church. Having a whole parking lot is not one of the things that you should consider when looking for a Bible-believing church. The list of events or how impressive it looks from the outside should also not be the convincing factor when looking for a good church. You will be doing a big mistake by believing a church because of how it looks from the outside.. There is also no guarantee that by attending a mega church you will be able to receive Bible-based teachings.

The best Bible teachings should be clear and concise. They must be easy to understand and also expository. Expository means the instructions that shed light on a specific verse of the Bible. This also looks to make the easy to understand and not make it unnecessarily complicated. Making these verses more clear is what a pastor is supposed to do. Giving a precise meaning to what the original author was intending is what this means. The description should also be easy to understand. It should present the background of the church, the culture of the time, and also why and for what reasons particular verses are in the Bible.

What is taken preached straight from the Word of God is the essential part of the message. If the Word you are hearing is not read from the Bible then you are not in the right church. The Word of God is supposed to afflict the comfortable and also comfort the afflicted. It is very common to hear about wealth, and the prosperity gospel in many churches of these days. That is not the kind of church for you to become a member. The Word of God is meant for convicting and convincing and not to advise you on how to live wealthier.

You can, therefore, tell if the church is a Bible-based one if they remain in the scriptures. The church you choose Should also not be the kind where the Old Testament is said to be irrelevant. The children should also be interpreted according to the word of God in a Bible-based church. There should also be a day set for Bible studies within the week. The pastor should also be the kind that encourages the congregation to read the Bible a lot throughout the week. Another way to tell if the church is Bible-based is if they reach out to the community.

Religion Tips for The Average Joe

Religion Tips for The Average Joe