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All You Need to Know About Gastric Balloon

One of the most pressing issues that many individuals are facing today is the problem of obesity. And due to this one then you are also able to see a lot of pills and exercises regimen to address this one. Whenever it is obesity that you would want to address then one of the options that you have is gastric surgery. You can find a number of people that are questioning its effectiveness. There are also some that are concerned about the safety that it has.

One of the popular options that you can have today when dealing with obesity is what is known as a gastric balloon. Whenever it is you that will have a BMI that will be lower than the requirement for gastric band surgery then you will be recommended to have a gastric balloon instead. When taking a look at its procedure then it is fairly simple as it will be involving a silicon balloon which will be inserted through your mouth and into your stomach. Once the balloon is inserted then it will help the patient experience a rapid weight loss. Since the device will be taking up space inised your stomach then the patient will experience a loss of appetite.

Once you have a gastric balloon then it is the one that rarely deflates before its scheduled removal. The moment that the balloon inserted then it will be inflated using saline solution. It is also the solution that will be incorporated with a blue dye. A balloon that has captured can be identified with the help of the dye. It is your urine that will turn blue once the balloon accidentally is punctured or has deflated. Once this happens though then it is important that you will contact your physician right away.

One of the studies about gastric balloon is that it is the one that helped patients loss 12.5% of their original weight. For patents that did not take any form of diet then they are the ones that lost 8% of their weight. Doubling this result is what individuals experienced especially for those that went on a diet. Even after months after the balloon has been removed that some individuals showed a permanent weight loss. It is great for people that are having a guard time dealing with obesity.

It is drugs that your physician will be giving you right after you have undergone a gastric balloon procedure. It is 24-48 hours after that you will be dealing with loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting and that is what the drugs are for. It is this one that is opted by many people since the side effects are mild and the success rate is high. It is this one that is your best option when it comes to short term weight loss solution.

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