The Ultimate Guide to Goose Down Pillows

When a person pairs their goose down pillows with a down mattress pad and down-filled comforter, they have the ultimate sleep oasis. The fact is, a down pillow will mold the shape of a person’s head, regardless of the position they sleep in. Also, since the pillows are made with all-natural materials, they are great for people who suffer a case of “hot head” at night. Air can easily flow through the pillow, which helps to keep the head cool.

Offered in many options, down pillows can be filled so they meet the density a person prefers. Keep reading to explore all things down.

Creation of the Down Pillow

Modern down pillows are created from natural, animal products. Usually, it will consist of the chest, wing and back features of a goose. Unlike the pillows that are filled with synthetic fibers, a down pillow is able to be re-cased and rejuvenated. They are also able to purchase in a wide array of sizes, densities, and options.

Down Pillow Benefits

One of the biggest benefits offered by using a down pillow is that it has the unique ability to form to the unique curve of a person’s neck and head. This ensures a person has customized support. A down pillow will breathe easily and they provide plenty of airflow around a person’s neck and head.

Caring for Down Pillows

When properly cared for and cleaned on a regular basis, a down pillow can last for up to 20 years. It’s important to use a pillow protector with a zipper, as well as a quality pillowcase to cover the pillow. This will help to keep the body’s natural oils from being absorbed into the pillow’s feathers. It’s also necessary to store an unused down pillow in a bag that is breathable. If a plastic bag is used, it can trap moisture, which increases the likelihood of mildew developing.

Caring for a down pillow doesn’t have to be hard, but it should be done properly. The fact is, down offers a wide array of benefits, so keep this in mind. It will ensure that a person gets the quality pillow that they want and need.