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Symptoms of ADHD

Knowing you have attention deficit hyperactivity can be characterized by various symptoms. The sypmtoms of ADHD are always obvious and this makes it hard for you to notice them. There are specific symptoms that show in children who have ADHD. For example these children are a short attention. Very tiny things distort children who are suffering from ADHD. These children also keep making careless mistakes especially when it comes to schoolwork. Children who suffer from ADHD also keep losing things because they can’t remember where they kept them. Children with ADHD cannot stick to duties that are tedious and time consuming. Children with ADHD keep changing activities and tasks.

Another symptom of ADHD is that children appear to be unable to listen. Failure to listen means you cannot give them any instructions. Children with ADHD cannot do their tasks in an organized manner. Other symptoms of ADHD is that patients that can’t sit still. This is especially in those surroundings that are very quiet. Fidgeting is another common symptom of people with ADHD. These people cannot concentrate on simple duties. People with ADHD also move a lot all the time. This simply means they can’t stay in one place.

Teenagers with ADHD keep talking all the time. These people also find it very hard to wait for their turn during a conversation. Patients with ADHD do not think a situation through before acting. This can be very dangerous because a person may end up causing accidents. Another common symptom of people with ADHD is that they keep interrupting conversations. People with ADHD have little or no sense of danger. This makes them always find themselves in dangerous situations. Children in school can face very many problems because of this. They will never be able to even have conversation with other students. They always be in most discipline cases.

Another symptom of ADHD is depression. Depression often makes people feel like committing suicide. Patients with ADHD also have anxiety disorder. This will make the patient to always stay worried and nervous. Anxiety disorders also causes physical symptoms like increased heartbeat, sweating and dizziness. People with ADHD don’t find sleep easily. At night they are always unable to sleep. They also have irregular sleep patterns which can be very dangerous. Patients with ADHD also have conduct disorder. This causes patients have antisocial behavior. The patients will always be fighting, stealing and harming other people. Oppositional defiant disorder is also another symptom of ADHD. In this case the patients will have negative and disruptive behavior. They have this behavior towards people with authority like parents. Another symptom of ADHD is epilepsy. People with ADHD always experience learning difficulties. Knowing whether can be hard but these symptoms may suggest you have ADHD.

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