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How to Find the Right Copy Editor

To become a reputable editor, it is required that you acquire knowledge and skills besides using intuition. There are different types of editors like copy editors, content editors and substantive editors. A copy editor is someone you hire to go over your manuscript to correct grammatical errors and check for consistency of characters and locations among other things. Because your work is very personal, you need to find a suitable editor who appreciates the value of your project, style of presentation and voice. There is a surge in the number of people providing editorial services making it difficult to identify one. In search for a qualified editor, here are tips to consider.
Find recommendations. Inquire from experienced authors for a list of editors they hire to edit their pieces of work. If you don’t know of any authors, join a writer’s club where you can obtain a list of suitable editors they partner with. It is a trend that even copy editors are embracing to sell their businesses on the internet through websites. Check their websites to find out more about the services they provide, in addition to reading testimonials from customers in the past. If the editor is competent, he or she will not hesitate to provide a list of clients they have been in business with for you to confirm their ability. You can use websites to get valuable recommendations of editors in your location.

Find an editor who matches your genre. Even with copy editors, they are specialized in different areas. Where one writes novels involving fiction characters, you can choose your specialty to be either horror or fantasy. This is especially important if you have doubts about the structure of your project. It would be a risky undertaking to hire an individual who has no experience in your kind of work.

Inquire about the cost. Cost may not be an important factor at first because you want thorough editing on your project. You can settle on cost using various methods. One way editors use to charge for their services is on the hourly basis. This method is suitable for an author who has gained experience for quite some time. However, writers new in the field are advised to choose the number of words method to have their work fully edited. Because every time you do something new, you’re bound to making many mistakes, hiring a writer who charges on the basis of the number of word would be important.

Choose a local editor. Editing is a process that requires a strong understanding for parties involved. It is not possible to make all the arrangements over the telephone, rather face to face communication is important. If an author is easy to reach, it means you can access them easily when in need of a discussion. During the meeting with a prospective editor, find out if your personalities match.

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