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Everything You Need to Know About Brett Donowho

One of the names in Hollywood that you ought to know and pay attention to in this day and age is Brett Donowho. You have to keep pace with the changing times in the world of Hollywood and it is always notable to keep track of names that are already on the path of becoming a name that anyone should know of. Even though Brett Donowho has spent only two decades in Hollywood, you have to take note of the fact that he has served as director, producer, and actor in various productions. Aside from owning a few companies of his own, he has also worked with several legends in the industry. Just by looking at his films, you will get an idea about how passionate he is in doing what he loves best. There is no denying that this name will still be making headlines and be making productions worth noting in the many years to come. To know more about this amazing talent in the industry, here are some fast facts about Brett Donowho.

There are several popular names in Hollywood that Brett Donowho has worked with. He was directing the film Salvation where he worked with Bruce Willis, Cole Hauser, Sophia Bush, and Shawn Ashmore. Another film that he has done entitled Music Within also has him working with more Hollywood stars namely Melissa George, Michael Sheen, and Ron Livingston. As you can see, these are just a few of the many popular names in Hollywood that Brett Donowho has worked with in the past with his films. To know more about the other names in Hollywood that he has worked with, check out some legit sources on the internet.

Obviously, this article about Brett Donowho will never be complete without mentioning the many awards that he has received. In the past two decades of working in Hollywood, Brett Donowho has received a variety of awards. Most of his work has received admiration and proper recognition coming from notable organizations. From his film entitled Salvation alone, he has gotten hold of 4 awards during the Los Angeles Cinema Festival. These four awards that he has received include Best Supporting Actor, Best Narrative Feature, Best Director, and Best Special Effects Makeup. You have to recognize the fact that he will be getting more of many awards in the coming years with this kind of passion and drive that he has.

In the present, a new production company he built, Runaway Planet Content Group, is what he is working in. Two other businessmen in Hollywood has helped him work with this company. With his passion for film and in the industry, Brett Donowho has built this production company to offer more films that are groundbreaking. If you have been looking forward to what films he will be producing with this production company, then you should not miss out on keeping tabs with Brett Donowho.

A Beginners Guide To Professionals

A Beginners Guide To Professionals