The Growth of Real Estate in North Kolkata

While most of us remember North Kolkata as a region dotted with narrow lanes, magnificent heritage buildings where the babus and zamindars once lived and flourished and the area’s old-world charm, North Kolkata today has its fair share of top-class real estate properties that offer all conveniences of modern-day living. Over the years, it has become home to numerous contemporary residential projects and the area continues to draw thousands of home buyers every year to its various upcoming residential complexes. What attracts investors in real estate to it is the beautiful balance of old and new that the localities here offer, along with a host of other conveniences in terms of location, connectivity and conveyance.

Why North Kolkata?

North Kolkata has always been a popular location among home buyers and the reasons for this appeal are plenty. To begin with,it is the City’s primary commercial hub. Areas like Burrabazar, Chitpur Road, Shyambazar and Sealdah among others have been major trade centres ever since the city was born. For traders, as well as other counterparts of the commercial trading chain, North Kolkata continues to remain a popular choice for its proximity to the trading location. There is a very high demand for quality residential flats in North Kolkata among this trading community.

Kolkata’s unique College Street, located between Bowbazar and Mahatma Gandhi Road, is also in North Kolkata. The street is home to Kolkata’s most prestigious and renowned academic institutions like University of Calcutta, Presidency College and Calcutta Medical College among others. Dotted with book stalls that offer almost every kind of book from across the world, College Street is also a book lovers’ paradise. Some say College Street is the world’s largest second-hand book market and India’s largest book market. The residential projects in North Kolkata are much preferred by this academically inclined audience that loves to live in close proximity to this educational hub.

When it comes to connectivity, North Kolkata is very well-connected to other parts of the city. The ‘lifeline of Kolkata’ – the metro railway – which is the fastest and the most convenient way to commute within the city carries thousands of passengers to and from the area daily. Belgachia, Shyambazar, Shovabazar, Girish Park and Mahatma Gandhi Road are some of the main metro stations in North Kolkata. In fact, Kolkata metro connects Dum Dum in the northern fringes of the city to Kavi Subhas (New Garia) metro station in the south, covering a vast distance.

Along with the metro railway, North Kolkata is also connected through Kolkata’s suburban railway network. This is where Kolkata’s second largest railway station after Howrah, the Sealdah Station is situated. In addition to this, there are numerous bus-routes, the iconic Kolkata tramway, yellow ambassador taxis and hand-pulled and auto rickshaws. Also, the city airport located in Dum Dum is in North Kolkata.

Talking of the superb connectivity, the ghats and jetties along the River Hooghly that offer regular ferry services deserve a special mention. The motorized ferries transport hundreds of commuters daily across the river. In fact, this is one of the major factors that have encouraged the growth of large residential complexes and high rises along the banks of Hooghly.

Some of the leading real estate developers are introducing top-class luxury apartments Kolkata’s Northern parts. These properties offer all luxuries of modern-day living. Community Hall, Gymnasium, Jogging tracks and Children’s play area are among the host of amenities offered by this complexes, in addition to 24-hour security, water and power supply.

While North Kolkata’s rich heritage adds a unique character and charm to the city of Kolkata, the upcoming and newly developed residential projects are a seamless blend of history and the future. Given the host of advantages North Kolkata offers, for homebuyers looking to buy their dream homes, exploring the Northern fringes of the City seems like a good option.